How to Create Alerts

Logtivity has a feature called “Alerts” that allows you to receive notification for important data in your logs. Alerts can be sent to two Alert Channels: email or Slack.

  • In the Logtivity app, click on the name of your team.
  • Click “Alerts”.
  • Click “Create alert”. You will see the screen below:
Create a Logtivity alert

Each alert can be configured with these options:

  • Action: This is the trigger for the alert. You will find examples on the “Logs” screen, which include “User Logged In”, “Plugin Installed”, “User Created” and many more.
  • Context: This field allow you to specify more information about the Action. Again, you will find examples on the “Logs” screen.
  • User ID / Username / IP Address: This field allows you to get notifications for actions performed by a specific user.