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Easy WordPress Integration

To make integrating with WordPress as quick and simple as possible we’ve created and maintain our own Logtivity WordPress plugin which is available for download on Github.

To get started in under 5 minutes follow these simple steps:

  • Start your Free Trial on Logtivity.
  • Create your first site by clicking ‘Add site’ and filling in the required information.
  • Copy your sites API key.
  • Download our plugin from Github and install it into your WordPress site.
  • Go to the plugin’s settings page by visiting Tools, Logtivity.
  • Enter your copied API key there, and configure the options to your preference.
  • To test it is working try saving a page and go back to your Logtivity dashboard to see if the action has shown up.

View on Github

Logtivity Plugin Settings Page

Extending the plugin

To customise what logs are sent, disable certain logs or store your own custom actions the plugin provides a very simple, flexible and fluent API and hooks to interact with.

You can also completely disable the plugins built in event logging allowing you to manually track only the events that you need.

For more information you can review our documentation here.


Out of the box the plugin logs all the actions you would expect, from new users registering to CRUD operations for posts and pages and all other post types. You can find a full list here. Each default action can be hooked into or disabled via code.

We also integrate with the following third party plugins:

  • Download Monitor
  • Memberpress

Event Tracking

Log the key events that take place on your platform. Easily search and filter through your logged events to find the information you need quickly.

Instant Alerts

Set up unlimited alerts for any activity you want to know about as soon as it happens. Straight to your mailbox or slack channel.

All plans include a 10 day free trial and no credit card upfront. Cancel any time.

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