Monitor every important event on your WordPress sites

Logtivity tracks all the user activity on your site. You can display that data in beautiful charts. And you can get notifications whenever anything important happens.

WordPress Event Tracking

Log the key events that take place on your platform. Easily search and filter through your logged events to find the information you need.

Easy WordPress Integration

Be set up and configured in 5 minutes with our WordPress plugin. Only store the information you need for your purposes.

Instant Alerts

Set up unlimited alerts for any activity you want to know about as soon as it happens. Straight to your mailbox or slack channel.

Customisable Reporting Dashboard

Design, read and export the reports that you need right in your Logtivity dashboard.

Dedicated Event Monitoring for WordPress

Quickly filter through the history of your site with flexible filters.

Create Report Widgets on your site dashboard to give you a quick chart overview of the key actions that are taking place on your site.

Endlessly Extendable

It’s a breeze to log custom actions or add extra context to logs with an intuitive API and flexible hooks.

Logtivity is already helping business owners respond to their data quickly

“Logtivity has been a great asset to our bank of tools for web development. Having customisable logs kept on a separate system allows us to easily investigate, report and get notified about specific events. It’s developer-friendly and easy to implement new logging functionality.”

Jonny Vaughan – 10 Degrees

“Psychology Tools are very happy users of Logtivity. Our previous solution for logging events from our WordPress membership system was very slow, clunky, and limited. Logtivity is none of those things – it’s lightning fast, easy to use, and easily customisable so we can log many events that we weren’t previously able to. It’s great for analysing our logs in a hurry and for looking for patterns in our data.”

Matthew Whalley – Psychology Tools