Welcome to Logtivity, the hosted activity log for WordPress

We host all your activity logs so that they don’t fill up your database and slow down your site.

Logtivity WordPress activity log

Why use Logtivity for your site’s activity logs?

Track all your WordPress sites

Logtivity offers one low price that includes all your WordPress sites. You can track everything that happens on your WordPress sites from one dashboard.

Get important alerts instantly

You can set up unlimited alerts for any activity on your WordPress site. These notifications can go instantly to your email inbox or Slack channel.

Create charts from your site activity

Logtivity allows you to create charts from your logs. You can use these to visualise logins, downloads, sales, or anything else that happens in WordPress.

Easily export all your data

We started Logtivity is because normal WordPress activity plugins can not handle large amounts of data. Logtivity can handle millions of logs.

Zero impact on your site speed

Logtivity won’t impact the speed of your sites. We store each active log asynchronously so WordPress carry on processing the request straight away.

Connect your sites in 60 seconds

Using our plugin, it takes only 60 seconds to add your WordPress site to Logtivity. And if you have many WordPress sites, we offer tools for adding sites in bulk.

Logtivity Has The Features You Need

Logtivity is recommended by WordPress experts


“These logs could come in handy over months or years. If we were running an eCommerce website, the information could be invaluable. Users can also set up unlimited alert notifications through email or Slack and download reports as CSV files.”


“Logtivity tracks the user activity on your site. Then you can turn that activity data into beautiful charts. You can also use the data to send notifications to your email or Slack. If you have customers on your WordPress site, you’ll find Logtivity to be invaluable.”


Track the activity on your WordPress sites

Track the activity on your WordPress sites

With Logtivity you can monitor every important event on your site. You can see these logs inside your WordPress site, and also inside the Logtivity dashboard.

Instant alerts by Slack and email

No matter how many sites you have, Logitivity can track them all and send you notifications when anything important happens. You can get emails or Slack notifications for administrator logins, plugin updates, or anything you choose.

Instant alerts by Slack and email

Join these happy Logitivity users

“Logtivity has been a great asset to our bank of tools for web development. Having customisable logs kept on a separate system allows us to easily investigate, report and get notified about specific events. It’s developer-friendly and easy to implement new logging functionality.”

Jonny Vaughan – 10 Degrees

“Psychology Tools are very happy users of Logtivity. Our previous solution for logging events from our WordPress membership system was very slow, clunky, and limited. Logtivity is none of those things – it’s lightning fast, easy to use, and easily customisable so we can log many events that we weren’t previously able to. It’s great for analysing our logs in a hurry and for looking for patterns in our data.”

Matthew Whalley – Psychology Tools