Logtivity and GDPR

Logtivity is based in the United Kingdom and we are very careful to be GDPR-compliant.

Does GDPR affect me?

As a Customer of Logtivity, you become the Controller of personal data under GDPR and are therefore responsible for ensuring that the personal data is being processed lawfully. Logtivity is the processor. As the processor, we act on instructions from the controller (you) which come in the form of API requests or changes made inside the UI.

As the data Controller you need to enter into a GDPR-compliant data processing agreements with any online services and third party vendors you rely on, including Logtivity. These agreements are commonly called a Data Processing Addendum, or DPA.

Data Processing Addendum

Please email us at [email protected] and we will provide you with our DPA.


Logtivity uses third party subprocessors, such as cloud computing providers and payment processors, to provide our services. We enter into GDPR-compliant data processing agreements with each subprocessor, and require the same of them. List of Logtivity subprocessors.