Instant alerts for your WordPress sites

With Logtivity alerts, you can keep an eye on all your WordPress sites. You can set up flexible alerts for single sites or all your sites.

These notifications can go directly to your email inbox, to Slack channels or anywhere you want, thanks to webhooks.

If you have many sites, you can set up global alerts. For example, even if you have 100 sites, you only need to configure the alert once.

One Logtivity customer chooses to receive an email every time a plugin or theme is updated. Another WordPress agency has a Slack alert for every time an administrator logs in.

Why use Logtivity for your WordPress sites?

Hosted activity logs

Logtivity gives you one place to monitor changes across all your WordPress sites. Everything is saved in your dashboard so you can search, filter, and manage all the activity logs.

Hosted error logs

Our logs will record PHP Errors, Warnings, and Notices across all your WordPress sites, including fatal errors. For important errors, you get an instant alert with full details.

Get important alerts instantly

You can set up unlimited alerts for any activity on your clients’ WordPress sites. These notifications can go instantly to your email inbox or Slack channel.

Connect sites in 60 seconds

Using our plugin, it takes only 60 seconds to add your WordPress sites to Logtivity. And if you have many WordPress sites, we offer tools for adding sites in bulk.

Zero impact on site speed

Logtivity won’t impact the speed of your clients’ sites. We store activity logs asynchronously so WordPress can carry on processing the request straight away.

Full white label options

Your clients never have to know that you’re using Logtivity. You can either show a white label version of the activity logs, or you can hide Logtivity entirely.

Logtivity is recommended by WordPress experts

“These logs could come in handy over months or years. If we were running an eCommerce website, the information could be invaluable. Users can also set up unlimited alert notifications through email or Slack and download reports as CSV files.”


“Logtivity tracks the user activity on your site. Then you can turn that activity data into beautiful charts. You can also use the data to send notifications to your email or Slack. If you have customers on your WordPress site, you’ll find Logtivity to be invaluable.”