Why Use Logtivity, Not an Activity Log Plugin?

One question we are asked by potential Logtivity users is how our service compares to activity log plugins. Here are ways in which Logtivity is a better choice for storing your log.

  • Scale: Hosting logs in your own WordPress database requires more and more resources over time due to the number of logs you are storing. This can lead to a much more bloated database, slower performance as well as difficulties in operations on your logs such as exporting or deleting. Offloading this responsibility to a third party service keeps your WordPress site lean and clean.
  • Specialisation: Being a dedicated service, Logtivity can optimize for performance, scalability, interogating and reporting of logs. In contrast, your hosting service may not be optimized for handling large amounts of data, which could lead to slower performance of your overall site.
  • Security: If your site has an issue, your logs may be compromised. Storing your logs with Logtivity is the same as storing your backups off-site: it’s a guarantee that your data is secure in more than one location.