Public Links for Error Logs

Logtivity’s hosted error logs help you quickly find and understand problems on your WordPress sites.

However, sometimes the people who help you understand the problem are not part of your Logtivity account. You may need to send an error message to a plugin or theme developer. Or perhaps you’re working with a contract developer. Or maybe you just want to share an error on social media.

The solution with Logtivity is to create public links for any entry in your site’s error logs.

Take a look at this screenshot below which highlights a problem with the Yoast SEO plugin. You can click the “Public Link” button to share this error report.

Logtivity create public link for errors

Logtivity will show you a modal window. You can chose to set a password here. If you do enter a password, you will need to share that along with the link.

Click “Create Public Link” to move on.

You will now share your new public link. You can share this link to anyone outside of Logtivity. And when you’re finished you can click “Remove Public Link” to make the error private again.

Logtivity public error message link

People who visit your public links will be able to see all the necessary details to help fix the error. They can see the full stack trace

Logtivity public error stack trace