Author: Steve Burge

Logtivity Now Supports Staging and Development Sites

Logtivity allows you to monitor all the important events on all your WordPress sites.

For example, it can be incredibly helpful to get notifications for new Administrator logins or new published posts.

However, you don’t always need to get those same notifications on your staging and development sites. You don’t want your site’s logs to contain events that happened during testing.

To solve this problem, version 1.11.1 of the Logtivity plugin is available now. This release makes it much easier to work with copies of your site.

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Logtivity 1.10 Allows You to Quickly Connect Multiple Sites

One of the major benefits of Logtivity is that it can track ALL your WordPress sites. This is a big advantage over normal WordPress plugins that must be configured and monitored site-by-site. Logtivity offers you the ability to easily monitor all your sites from a single dashboard.

Setting up a large number of sites is now even easier with the release of Logtivity 1.10.

Previously, you needed to install the Logtivity plugin and configure all the settings via the WordPress admin area.

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Logtivity Notifications Now Provide Much More Information

A few weeks ago, we discovered that Logtivity was recording all the activity on a WordPress site during a successful hack.

Have you ever had your site hacked? It’s a scary experience because you don’t know what the hacker has done. Fortunately, our customer was able to feel better because Logtivity gave them a 100% secure record of everything the hacker did.

After this incident, we started to brainstorm about the future. Could Logtivity let customers know what was happening while the attack was happening? The answer is, “Yes, if we improve Logtivity notifications”.

So we’ve been working hard to upgrade the notifications you get for key events. You can now get a lot more useful details inside your Logtivity notifications. Logtivity is perfectly placed to report on security incidents like this and also on more day-to-day activity.

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You Can Now See Logtivity Activity Logs Inside WordPress

We have some great improvements planned for Logtivity users in 2022, and we’re excited to release this first one at the beginning of January: Logtivity now integrates with the WordPress admin area.

All the logs are still stored in our app, but you can now also view and search your logs from inside your WordPress site.

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How a WordPress Site Was Hacked in 38 Seconds

Over the last two or three years, we’ve seen hacking attacks on WordPress sites become bigger, faster, and more effective. This month, we saw the impact of one of those attacks. One WordPress site was hacked while Logtivity was installed. This gave us detailed information on exactly what the hacker did.

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Logtivity Now Integrates With Formidable Forms

Logtivity helps you monitor every important event on your WordPress sites. And for many sites, nothing is more important than contact form entries. These entries can be business leads, payments, or important user feedback.

We’re pleased to say Logtivity now integrates with the Formidable Forms plugin, so you can record all your form entries. Formidable Forms is one of the most popular form plugins in WordPress, with over 300,000 active users.

We asked Logtivity users, “What plugins do you want deeply integrated with Logtivity?”, and Formidable Forms was one of the most popular answers. So read on and I’ll show you how to use Logtivity to track your Formidable Forms activity.

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Logtivity Notifications Are Now Much Easier to Use

Here at Logtivity we’re building a WordPress activity log with a difference. Yes, you can monitor every important event on your site, but you can also use that data in three helpful ways:

  1. Charts: Display your activity data with beautiful charts.
  2. Exports: Search and export the data, even if it has millions of database rows.
  3. Notifications: Send alert notifications to your email or Slack channels.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been working on improvements to all three areas:

  1. Charts: Logtivity charts now have advanced date ranges.
  2. Exports: You can now export millions and millions of log entries.
  3. Notifications: Read on to find out more! We’ve just released an update for alert notifications.

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Your Logtivity Charts Now Have Advanced Date Ranges

Logtivity is a WordPress activity log with a big difference. Not only can you track all the activity on your site, but with Logtivity you can also turn that information into beautiful and useful charts.

Displaying your data in charts gives you a helpful and organized overview of your site’s key metrics. You can use these charts to show logins, purchases, subscriptions, cancellations, downloads, or any other key events. If it happens on your WordPress site, Logtivity can turn it into a bar chart or a line chart.

We’re happy to say you can now customise the date range for charts. Your charts are updated with advanced date ranges, so you can zoom in to view any time period.

This video shows the new date ranges in action:

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How to Get an Alert for Administrator Logins in WordPress

Logtivity is an activity log service that helps you understand exactly what’s happening on your WordPress site.

Once your site is connected to Logtivity, you can set up unlimited alerts for any action. Logtivity will ping you as soon as the action happens.

For example, one Logtivity customer employs various writers, so they’ve set up a series of alerts that tell when the writers log in. Our customers use this to see when writers start working.

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Logitivity is Featured on WPTavern

Last week, Logtivity made a significant debut in the WordPress community: our little start-up was featured on WPTavern.

Ralph, who is my business partner on Logtivity, and has been working on this platform for around 3 years now. But being featured on the Tavern is often the first time that the WordPress community learns about a new project.

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