Author: Steve Burge

How to Track User Logins in WordPress

There are two founders here at Logtivity: Steve (that’s me!) and Ralph. Outside of Logtivity, we both work in the WordPress world. I sell commercial WordPress plugins, and Ralph builds sites for clients.

For both of us, it’s important to track activity on our WordPress sites. We need to know how many people are visiting, making purchases, and logging in to our sites. You can track visitors with Google Analytics, and you can track purchases with your payment gateway, but it’s harder to track WordPress-specific information such as log ins.

Using Logtivity, you can get an overview of who is logging in to your site, and how many people are logging in every day.

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Welcome to Logtivity, a New WordPress Activity Log Service

Logtivity is a new service that helps you understand exactly what’s happening on your WordPress site.

Logtivity tracks the user activity on your site. Then you can turn that activity data into beautiful charts. You can also use the data to send notifications to your email or Slack. Plus, you can easily search and export the data.

If you have customers on your WordPress site, you’ll find Logtivity to be invaluable.

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