How to Find Frequent Logs In Logtivity

We had a request earlier this month from a Logtivity user with dozens of sites.

This user wanted to know which plugins and actions were recording the most logs on their sites. So we’ve added a “Most frequent logs” feature. You can find this by going to “Team Settings” then “Global Plugin Settings” in your Logtivity admin.

You can see an example of this new feature in the image below. This shows data from several sites including some using Easy Digital Downloads and some using WooCommerce.

If you want to stop any of these logs from being recorded, you can do that on the same screen. You can paste the name of action into the “Globally Disabled Individual Logs” area. In this image below, I’m going to block metadata from being recorded for Easy Digital Downloads license keys and also WooCommerce Subscriptions. Click here for more details on stopping unwanted logs.