How to Get Notifications for WordPress Core Auto-Updates

WordPress has an auto-update feature that can automatically install software updates for you. This is wonderful for the security of your site, because you never have to worry about receiving a security patch. However, the auto-updates can also occasionally cause issues.

That happened this week with the release of WordPress 6.2.1, which broke some shortcodes on user sites.

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What are Fatal Errors in WordPress?

A Fatal Error is perhaps the most serious type of error in WordPress. A Fatal Error can take your WordPress site offline. Visitors who arrive at your site will see a message like the one in the screenshot below.

Sometimes your site will come back online, but often a Fatal Error will keep your site offline until you can fix the underlying problem.

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How a WordPress Site Was Hacked in 38 Seconds

Over the last two or three years, we’ve seen hacking attacks on WordPress sites become bigger, faster, and more effective. This month, we saw the impact of one of those attacks. One WordPress site was hacked while Logtivity was installed. This gave us detailed information on exactly what the hacker did.

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How to Get an Alert for Administrator Logins in WordPress

Logtivity is an activity log service that helps you understand exactly what’s happening on your WordPress site.

Once your site is connected to Logtivity, you can set up unlimited alerts for any action. Logtivity will ping you as soon as the action happens.

For example, one Logtivity customer employs various writers, so they’ve set up a series of alerts that tell when the writers log in. Our customers use this to see when writers start working.

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