Logtivity Now Has Global Alerts for All Your WordPress Sites

One of the major benefits of Logtivity is that it can track ALL your WordPress sites. This is a big advantage over normal WordPress plugins that must be configured and monitored site-by-site. Logtivity offers you the ability to easily monitor all your sites from a single dashboard.

A great example of this is the new “Global Alerts” feature.

Logtivity can send you instant email and Slack notifications whenever anything important happens. You can now set up these notifications once and use them for all your sites.

Inside the “Team Settings” area, you’ll now find a “Global Alerts” screen. Any alert created in here will work for all your sites.

For example, imagine if you have Logtivity installed on 100 sites and you want to get notified whenever an Administrator logs in to one of those sites. All you need to do is create the alert shown in the image below:

  • Action: User Logged In
  • Context: Administrator

Or perhaps you want to get an alert every time a new Administrator is created. You can create the following alert, which is a slight modification on the alert above.

  • Action: User Created
  • Context: Administrator

Let’s see another alert example, this time taken from our post about how a WordPress site was hacked in 38 seconds. In that situation, the hackers edited the theme file. You can now set up a Global Alert for theme file edits on all your sites:

  • Action: Theme File Edited

Also from that security example, we saw that the hackers installed a new plugin. The following Global Alert will give you a notification for any newly installed plugin:

  • Action: Plugin Installed

These Global Alerts really are a great way to monitor the activity on a large number of sites. You can probably think of any number of ways to use this across your WordPress sites. If you have any questions about this new feature, please ask in the comments below. We definitely won’t miss your feedback because we set up a Global Alert for “Comment Created” across all our sites!

  • Action: Comment Created