Logtivity Now Supports Staging and Development Sites

Logtivity allows you to monitor all the important events on all your WordPress sites.

For example, it can be incredibly helpful to get notifications for new Administrator logins or new published posts.

However, you don’t always need to get those same notifications on your staging and development sites. You don’t want your site’s logs to contain events that happened during testing.

To solve this problem, version 1.11.1 of the Logtivity plugin is available now. This release makes it much easier to work with copies of your site.

When you clone a site that is connected to Logtivity you will now see this message inside your WordPress admin area. The message in the image below says this:

“We’ve detected a change in your site URL. Is this a dev or staging environment? As a precaution, we’ve stopped logging.”

The benefit of this approach is that the notifications and logs for your live site won’t automatically become polluted with actions performed on staging and development sites.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve made it easier for you to install Logtivity. The last plugin update made it easy to quickly connect multiple sites to Logtivity. The previous update allowed you to add much more information to each notification and at the start of 2022, you gained the ability to see notifications inside the WordPress admin area.