Author: Steve Burge

How to Get Notifications for WordPress Core Auto-Updates

WordPress has an auto-update feature that can automatically install software updates for you. This is wonderful for the security of your site, because you never have to worry about receiving a security patch. However, the auto-updates can also occasionally cause issues.

That happened this week with the release of WordPress 6.2.1, which broke some shortcodes on user sites.

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You Can Now Share Logtivity Error Logs

At the end of 2022, we launched hosted error logs for WordPress sites. If something goes wrong on your WordPress site, you can use this new feature to quickly find and understand the problem.

However, sometimes the people who help you understand the problem are not part of your Logtivity account. You may need to send an error message to a plugin or theme developer. Or perhaps you’re working with a contract developer. Or maybe you just want to share an error on social media.

All of that is now possible with Logtivity. You can create public links for any entry in your site’s error logs.

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Logtivity Reached 1,000 Active Installs

More than 1,000 sites are now connected to the Logtivity platform.

We reached this number in our own internal systems, and also on the plugin directory.

1,000 active installs is both a small deal and quite a big deal.

It’s a small deal because it’s only 1,000 installs. This is tiny by WordPress standards where some popular plugins have millions of installs. However, it’s also quite a big deal for a couple of reasons.

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Improved Search and Filters for Activity Logs

Logtivity 2.2 is available now and it has lots of improvements for your site’s hosted activity logs. These new improvements make it easier to find exactly the log entries you want.

If something goes wrong on your site, you can trust Logtivity to help you find and solve the problem quickly.

I’m going to introduce the three big, helpful changes that you’ll see in your Logtivity account:

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How We Pivoted and Pivoted and Pivoted Our WordPress SaaS

If you saw the headline on this post and kept reading, you probably like stories about business challenges.

Good, because this story is about about business challenges.

I’m Steve and my partner here at Logtivity is Ralph. And this is the tale of the challenges we faced in 2022.

We’ll tell you about how we pivoted and pivoted and pivoted our WordPress SaaS in 2022, trying to find the right approach.

This story is also about how the kindness of some customers can make all the difference.

Here’s the story of three big pivots we made to Logtivity in 2022.

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Logtivity 2.0 Arrives With Hosted Error Logs

Here at Logtivity we solve problems faced by WordPress agencies and anyone who is in charge of lots of WordPress sites.

One problem that agencies kept talking about was error logs: they all agree that hosting companies have terrible error reporting. When something goes wrong with a site, it’s really difficult to track down the problem using the hosting company’s tools.

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What are Fatal Errors in WordPress?

A Fatal Error is perhaps the most serious type of error in WordPress. A Fatal Error can take your WordPress site offline. Visitors who arrive at your site will see a message like the one in the screenshot below.

Sometimes your site will come back online, but often a Fatal Error will keep your site offline until you can fix the underlying problem.

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