Logtivity is Now Part of PublishPress

Logtivity is now part of the team that runs PublishPress, MetaSlider, and TaxoPress.

This is a bittersweet day. Over the last couple of years, I’ve been running Logtivity with my business partner, Ralph Morris.

We’ve been working together to build the best activity log service for WordPress.

Ralph founded and built Logtivity. He’s one of the most talented developers I’ve ever met. He was inspired by the problems faced by one of his clients who was using a WordPress plugin to store their activity logs. The client had major reporting problems because of the amount of data collected on their site. The activity log plugin was storing millions of rows of data in the WordPress database. Whenever Ralph tried to export or analyze the logs, the database would crash.

Ralph tested and tested, but eventually came to realize that the site had so much information that it must be stored separately. So, Ralph set out to build Logtivity as a safe space to store large amounts of activity log data.

What Has Changed at Logtivity

During 2023, Ralph’s time has been squeezed between a new job and a growing family. Although 2023 was incredibly productive for Logtivity, we talked at the end of the year and Ralph realized he was over-committed. He needed to recover some of his time. So we agreed to an ownership change. Although we had previously been a minority partner, now the PublishPress team will take over the running of Logtivity.

This process was a little more complicated than we expected because Ralph is in the UK and we’re in the US. The takeover involved closing a UK company and opening a new US company. Stripe doesn’t allow you to move accounts between countries, so we needed to migrate all the accounts from one Stripe account to another.

If you’re a Logtivity customer, your invoices will be coming from a US-based company called “Logtivity” instead of a UK company called “Logtivity LTD”. Hopefully, that’s the only difference you’ll see, but if you do notice anything else or just have questions, please send us an email.

Logtivity is now part of PublishPress