Logtivity Notifications Are Now Much Easier to Use

Here at Logtivity we’re building a WordPress activity log with a difference. Yes, you can monitor every important event on your site, but you can also use that data in three helpful ways:

  1. Charts: Display your activity data with beautiful charts.
  2. Exports: Search and export the data, even if it has millions of database rows.
  3. Notifications: Send alert notifications to your email or Slack channels.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been working on improvements to all three areas:

  1. Charts: Logtivity charts now have advanced date ranges.
  2. Exports: You can now export millions and millions of log entries.
  3. Notifications: Read on to find out more! We’ve just released an update for alert notifications.

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Your Logtivity Charts Now Have Advanced Date Ranges

Logtivity is a WordPress activity log with a big difference. Not only can you track all the activity on your site, but with Logtivity you can also turn that information into beautiful and useful charts.

Displaying your data in charts gives you a helpful and organized overview of your site’s key metrics. You can use these charts to show logins, purchases, subscriptions, cancellations, downloads, or any other key events. If it happens on your WordPress site, Logtivity can turn it into a bar chart or a line chart.

We’re happy to say you can now customise the date range for charts. Your charts are updated with advanced date ranges, so you can zoom in to view any time period.

This video shows the new date ranges in action:

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How to Get an Alert for Administrator Logins in WordPress

Logtivity is an activity log service that helps you understand exactly what’s happening on your WordPress site.

Once your site is connected to Logtivity, you can set up unlimited alerts for any action. Logtivity will ping you as soon as the action happens.

For example, one Logtivity customer employs various writers, so they’ve set up a series of alerts that tell when the writers log in. Our customers use this to see when writers start working.

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Logitivity is Featured on WPTavern

Last week, Logtivity made a significant debut in the WordPress community: our little start-up was featured on WPTavern.

Ralph, who is my business partner on Logtivity, and has been working on this platform for around 3 years now. But being featured on the Tavern is often the first time that the WordPress community learns about a new project.

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Logtivity Can Export Millions of WordPress Activity Logs

We have finally solved the original problem that kick-started Logtivity into life!

Back in 2019, Ralph (one of our co-founders) was getting frustrated. One of his clients was using a WordPress plugin to store their activity logs. The client had major reporting problems because of the amount of data collected on their site. The activity log plugin was storing millions of rows of data in the WordPress database. Whenever Ralph tried to export large amounts of logs, the site would show 502 errors.

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Launching Logtivity: Talking About a New WordPress SaaS

Logtivity is a brand new service for WordPress users. We launched Logtivity in mid-2021, and we’re not alone in starting a SaaS product. Joe Howard runs a community called WPMRR which helps people grow their WordPress businesses. WPMRR is an acronym for “WordPress Monthly Recurring Revenue”.

I sat down for a video chat with Joe about the excitement and challenges of launching Logtivity. You can click through to watch the video at the MRR community.

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Logitivity 1.7 Has Support for Software Licensing from Easy Digital Downloads

Logtivity is a new service that helps you understand exactly what’s happening on your WordPress site.

Understanding your site’s activity is crucial for eCommerce users. You want to know everything, including who paid, who downloaded your files, who upgraded their subscription, and more.

Logtivity 1.7 is available today and it has support for the Software Licensing extension from Easy Digital Downloads.

Logtivity 1.6 introduced support for the Easy Digital Downloads core, plus the Recurring Payments extension. Today’s release is another big step forward. If you sell WordPress plugins or themes, there is a very good chance that you use the Software Licensing extension. It is a cornerstone of the WordPress economy.

Software Licensing provides a powerful license key system that developers use to track usage of their software. For example, on PublishPress.com, we use Software Licensing to provide “One Site”, “Five Sites”, and “Unlimited Site” options. If someone chooses the “One Site” option, their license key provides them with updates and support for a single site.

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Logtivity 1.6 Has Easy Digital Downloads Integration

Logtivity is a new service that helps you understand exactly what’s happening on your WordPress site.

Logtivity tracks the user activity on your site. Then you can turn that activity data into beautiful charts. You can also use the data to send notifications to your email or Slack. Plus, you can easily search and export the data.

In the first few releases, we’ve built support for the WordPress core. Now we’re working with developers on support for their plugins.

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How to Track User Logins in WordPress

There are two founders here at Logtivity: Steve (that’s me!) and Ralph. Outside of Logtivity, we both work in the WordPress world. I sell commercial WordPress plugins, and Ralph builds sites for clients.

For both of us, it’s important to track activity on our WordPress sites. We need to know how many people are visiting, making purchases, and logging in to our sites. You can track visitors with Google Analytics, and you can track purchases with your payment gateway, but it’s harder to track WordPress-specific information such as log ins.

Using Logtivity, you can get an overview of who is logging in to your site, and how many people are logging in every day.

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