Coming Soon: Error Logs for All Your WordPress Sites

When we launched Logtivity, our goal was to monitor all the important events on all your WordPress sites.

Here are some use-cases we had in mind for Logtivity:

  • Notifying you if an Administrator user is added to any of your sites.
  • Updating you if a theme file is edited on any of your sites.
  • Showing when new posts are published on any of your sites.

All of those use-cases are now possible with Logtivity!

However, as we talked with Logtivity users, it became clear that “important events” didn’t only involve activities happening in your WordPress dashboard.

“Important events” can also include things that happen on the plugin or theme level of your site. An error in a plugin can cause issue as easily as a mistake in the WordPress dashboard.

So we’re delighted to say that we’re close to releasing an “Errors” feature for Logtivity. This will be an error log for all your WordPress sites. This image below is a preview of the new feature. You can see the errors, how often they occur, and when they last occurred.

For each error, you’ll be able to drill down and see the specific details of each error. We’ll point you to the file that’s causing problems and give you a stack trace.

You will be able to mark each error as “Resolved” or “Unresolved”. There will be a filter at the top of the screen so you can see which errors have been fixed, and which ones still need a solution.

If an error has been resolved but comes back again, it will be labeled as a “regression”.

What are the advantages of hosted error logs?

Logtivity aims to solve many of the problems faced by WordPress agencies, and other people who are in charge of lots of WordPress sites.

Instant access to logs: One advantage of this new Logtivity feature is that you’ll always have instant access to error logs. It’s often very difficult to view error logs for WordPress sites. Some hosting companies require you to contact them, and a few days later, they’ll send you the logs! Some other hosting companies make the logs very hard to find.

Search your logs: Another advantage is that your Logtivity error logs will be easily and instantly searchable. With many hosting companies, the error logs are dumped into one big, messy file. With Logtivity, you can search, filter, and view key information about each error.

Notifications for errors: We’ll notify you as soon as an error occurs allowing you to jump on it as soon as possible rather than waiting for a user to report it.

Process and organize the errors: Finally, you can process the errors correctly. You can see which errors have been resolved, and which ones still require work from your team.

Interested in trying the new Logtivity error log?

We plan to launch this feature in the next couple of weeks.

However, if you are an existing Logtivity customer or not, you’re welcome to try this new error feature today. Contact us and we’ll be happy to get you up-and-running.

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