Logtivity Reached 1,000 Active Installs

More than 1,000 sites are now connected to the Logtivity platform.

We reached this number in our own internal systems, and also on the WordPress.org plugin directory.

1,000 active installs is both a small deal and quite a big deal.

It’s a small deal because it’s only 1,000 installs. This is tiny by WordPress standards where some popular plugins have millions of installs. However, it’s also quite a big deal for a couple of reasons.

Reason #1. It’s a big deal because of WordPress.org

The WordPress plugin directory is all about active installs. When you pass even a small milestone like 1,000 installs, you get treated a lot better.

The WordPress team believe that the number of installs is often a sign of quality. Their goal is to promote plugins that are secure, reliable, and easy-to-use. The most popular plugins have been chosen by more users and have been around for longer. So it makes complete sense that popular plugins rank more highly in WordPress.org search results.

Passing the 1,000 site milestone made a big difference to our search rankings on WordPress.org. Users are now much more likely to find our plugin if they search for “activity log”. We’re seeing more than twice as many downloads each day, simply because we reached the milestone.

Reason #2. It’s a big deal because it was difficult

Getting to 1,000 sites was really difficult. It’s taken us 18 months to get to this point. That’s not unusual for a SaaS service these days. We hit this mark soon after Bertha.ai, which launched a little before us. I wrote about all our ups-and-downs with Logtivity in 2022. We’ve successfully grown a lot of plugins, but growing a SaaS has been much harder.

We had to make some tough decisions last year, and reaching 1,000 sites is validation that those decisions were worth it.

Those decisions helped clarify Logtivity’s direction and positioning. Our focus is squarely on helping agencies and site maintence services. And we think we have the right pricing structure now too.

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