Logtivity Has Improved Global Alerts for All Your Sites

At the beginning of 2022, we made a really big pivot here at Logtivity. Amongst the changes was a commitment to centralizing as many features as possible.

As we describe in the article linked above, the original vision of Logtivity was to give granular control to customers with large sites.

After the pivot, our goal is to make it as easy as possible to manage lots of sites. We’re working on moving as many settings as possible to a single screen, so you can control them centrally.

This week, we released a big update for alerts. Previously these were controlled individually for each site. Now you can manage them all from one central dashboard.

Alerts for Activity Logs

This screenshot below shows the new “Activity Alerts” area. All of these alerts can be quickly applied to all the sites you manage. For example, if you want to get an alert for new plugin installs, you can add it once and have it immediately active for 100’s of sites.

Activity Alerts screen

When you edit each alert, you can choose custom alert channels. In this screenshot below, we want an alert for every time a post is published. These alerts will go to a Slack channel called “content-updates”.

Editing a Global Alert

You can now make similar choices for your error logs too. Click here for more on error logs in Logtivity.

Alerts for Error Logs

On the “Error Alert Settings” screen, you can choose emails or Slack channels to receive error notifications. In this screenshot below, error alerts will go to a Slack channel called “site-errors”.

Alerts for Fatal Errors

Here’s an example of the error alerts that Logtivity can send to you. This error message goes to a Slack channel or email that you choose. When you click “View Error”, you can drill down and see specific details. We’ll point you to the file that’s causing problems and give you a complete stack trace.

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