Launching Logtivity: Talking About a New WordPress SaaS

Logtivity is a brand new service for WordPress users. We launched Logtivity in mid-2021, and we’re not alone in starting a SaaS product. Joe Howard runs a community called WPMRR which helps people grow their WordPress businesses. WPMRR is an acronym for “WordPress Monthly Recurring Revenue”.

I sat down for a video chat with Joe about the excitement and challenges of launching Logtivity. You can click through to watch the video at the MRR community.

Joe’s questions focused on the challenges of launching a new product. We’re comfortable with freemium plugins, but a SaaS is a whole new challenge.

SEO and tutorials: Joe gave us some advice about tactical search engine optimization – writing tutorials that solve people’s problems. A good example is this post on how to get an alert for administrator logins in WordPress. We need to get in front of an audience of potential customers and answer their questions. The key with these posts is to be targeted and not just focus on popular keywords. To get a service such as Logtivity off the ground, we need to focus on what our ideal customers are searching for. Traffic is not a goal in itself. Targeted traffic is the goal!

Integrations: We have just launched a detailed integration with Easy Digital Downloads. Any integration you build or have with another company is a big opportunity for co-marketing. A good deal of our initial traffic to Logtivity is coming from their integration directory.

Joe and his WPMRR community is an excellent resource. If you’re launching a WordPress business, head over and join today.

Join Logtivity today

Logtivity has pricing as low as $9 per month. You can be set up and monitoring your websites in minutes. Click here to start your activity log today.