Logtivity and Easy Digital Downloads

Logtivity has detailed activity log support for the Easy Digital Downloads plugin and some extensions. Easy Digital Downloads is one of the best and most popular ways to sell digital products with WordPress.

The logs, reports, and notifications provided by Logtivity will be helpful for anyone selling with Easy Digital Downloads.

Inside Logtivity, you will find support for the main Easy Digital Downloads plugin, including these actions:

  • File Downloaded
  • Payment Completed
  • Payment Refunded
  • Customer Created
  • Download Added to Cart
  • Download Removed from Cart
  • Discount Applied
  • Discount Published
  • Discount Trashed
  • Discount Updated

There’s also support for the Software Licensing extension and the the Recurring Payments extension:

  • License Created
  • License Activated
  • License Activation Failed
  • License Deactivated
  • License Renewed
  • License Renewal Notification Unsubscribed
  • License Status Changed
  • License Upgraded
  • Site Deactivated
  • Site Added
  • Subscription Renewed
  • Subscription Created
  • Subscription Updated
  • Subscription Status Changed
  • Subscription Deleted
  • Payment Method Updated

What can I do with Easy Digital Downloads logs?

Because Logtivity records all the important Easy Digital Downloads data, you can see real customer journeys across your site. This can be incredibly helpful for customer support: you can see exactly what a user has done on your site.

In the image below, you can see the journey from bottom-to-top. The customer is called “Thomas”. He creates an account, makes a purchase, gets a license key and downloads a file.

For each item in this image, you can drill down and get more information. For example, if a customer has activated their license key on a site, this next image is a preview of the information you’ll see in Logtivity. You’ll see all these data:

  • User ID: The WordPress ID of this user.
  • Username and Profile Link: Information on which user activated the license.
  • IP address: Where the user was located when activating the license key.
  • Date: When the license was activated.
  • Customer ID: The ID number inside Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Site: A link to the site where the license is active.
  • Activation Count: The number of times the license key has been activated.
  • Activation Limit: The number of times this license key is permitted to be activated.
  • Expiration Date: When the license key expires.

In addition to zooming down into the details, you can also use the “Reports” feature in Logtivity to zoom out and see the big picture. For example, in the next image, you see can a see chart of the daily file downloads from a site using Easy Digital Downloads.

You can also use the “Alerts” feature to get notified of Easy Digital Downloads events. In the image below, I have a Slack notification to let me know how often visitors are adding products to their cart.