Logtivity 1.4 is Available

Version 1.4 of the Logtivity plugin is out. You can download the update from WordPress.org.

This release has automatic API key verification. So when you add a new site to Logtivity, the plugin will confirm you have the correct API key.

You’ll also see some small changes inside the Logtivity app. When you add a new site, we’ll create your first report widgets. In the image below, you can see one of those widgets, after some use. This chart show the daily user log-ins for a website.

There are also extra links to make it easier for you access key site changes. For example, when you see a log for a content update, Logtivity will provide you with two new links:

  • Profile Link: Click to see who made the content update.
  • View Revision: See what changed with the content update.


  • Steve Burge lives in Florida, USA and has been building WordPress businesses for 15 years. He now runs PublishPress which provides publishing plugins. For the last several years, PublishPress customers have been asking him to build a project just like Logtivity.

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