Customisable Reporting Dashboard

Logtivity allows you to customise the reporting dashboard. You can extract your data into charts to see at a glance an overview of your site’s key metrics.

You use a drag and drop interface to arrange your unique dashboard, and you also have the ability to put charts into columns and rows

Want to take a closer look at one of the chart’s data? No problem. All you have to do is hover over the chart and click straight through to the logs that the chart data represents. You can then inspect the logs individually, export to CSV, filter down further, or delete the search results.

Logtivity’s reporting dashboard and powerful event tracking has already transformed the way our clients are able to analyse and respond to their business. This is a unique, customisable reporting tool with the potential to dramatically improve how a business uses its data.

Event Tracking

Log the key events that take place on your platform. Easily search and filter through your logged events to find the information you need quickly.

Easy WordPress Integration

Be set up and configured in 5 minutes with our WordPress plugin. Only store the information you need for your purposes.

Instant Alerts

Set up unlimited alerts for any activity you want to know about as soon as it happens. Straight to your mailbox or slack channel.

All plans include a 10 day free trial and no credit card upfront. Cancel any time.